Dave McKean

Dave McKean has illustrated many ground breaking graphic novels and books, including The Magic of Reality (Richard Dawkins), The Fat Duck Cookbook (Heston Blumenthal), What's Welsh For Zen (John Cale), The Savage and Slog's Dad (David Almond), Arkham Asylum (Grant Morrison), The Homecoming (Ray Bradbury), Wizard and Glass (Stephen King), The Graveyard Book, Wolves in the Walls, Coraline, Mr. Punch, Signal to Noise and Crazy Hair (all by Neil Gaiman).

He has written and illustrated the multi-award winning graphic novel Cages, a short story collection Pictures That Tick, an erotic graphic novel Celluloid, and is working on a new novel (Caligaro) and a second volume of short stories.

He has designed and illustrated well over a hundred cd covers for artists as diverse as Michael Nyman, Rolling Stones, John Cale, Alice Cooper, Bill Laswell, Bill Bruford, Counting Crows, Iain Ballamy, Tori Amos and Frontline Assembly, and has also created many advertising campaigns, and book and comic covers, including Neil Gaiman's influential Sandman series.

He has directed several short films and three features, MirrorMask for The Jim Henson Company/Sony Pictures, the self penned Luna (winner of the BFI Raindance award), and The Gospel of Us, a film adaptation of Michael Sheen's Passion of Port Talbot live theatre project.

He has exhibited in Europe, America and Japan.

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