Carl Otto Czeschka: Rare Art Nouveau Illustrations 1895-1900

Posted on June 02 2018

Carl Otto Czeschka: Rare Art Nouveau Illustrations 1895-1900

A new book collecting the rare, psychedelic, and fantastic illustrations of a hidden Art Nouveau master!

The bold lines and whiplash style of Carl Otto Czeschka are some of the most recognizable inspirations for the psychedelic rock poster movement of the Haight-Ashbury era. Czeschka is recognized by art historians as a pivotal presence in the development of art in the 20th century; he started his career at the beginning of the Art Nouveau movement in Austria and quickly became one of its most celebrated illustrators. By 1908, he had moved with his peers Gustav Klimt and Koloman Moser into a style that heralded the coming of Art Deco. His designs are celebrated and presented in major museums including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Neue Galerie, and the Museum of Modern Art in New York, The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Art Institute of Chicago, and virtually every major museum worldwide.

Carl Otto Czeschka Century Guild Art Nouveau Illustrations Book

While Czeschka's Modernist work (post-1908) for the Wiener Werkstatte is well-documented in books today, his earlier Art Nouveau (or Jugendstil, as it was called in Germany and Austria) line art is largely unavailable, except in period materials.

Make no mistake: this is not your traditional Art Nouveau: this beautiful art is dark, strange, beautiful, and macabre!

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