Le Pater: Alphonse Mucha's Symbolist Masterpiece - December Update

Alphonse Mucha Le Pater Symbolist Masterpiece Century Guild Museum Fine Art Books

December 05, 2017

Dear Friends and Patrons,

We are closing in on the one year mark of the date we initially believed the Le Pater book would be in our hands. Our "stop the presses" moment of halting the printing to work on the fold-over was a hard call, and it deeply upset and offended a handful of patrons (and cost ourselves a fair amount of time and money). Yet we know it was the right thing to do, as the mission is to make this a definitive art volume on an incredibly important subject. During the time spent working out the mechanics, whether coincidence or kismet, we were connected with a few important research sources we had been pursuing since the project's inception (and had given up before on in order to get the book to the printer). Now with those last pieces in place, there is no doubt that we've done Le Pater complete justice.

The book will be available in retail locations Fall 2018. As a patron of the book, you will have your copy in hand before they hit bookstores.

I realize some of you may be disappointed that this update doesn't say that the books are shipping before the end of the year. While we have always offered refunds (and that remains the case), I encourage anyone feeling disappointed with the long production time to focus on the fact that as the scale of the book has increased, the price has had to also raise accordingly. Your generous, early support of this book has reserved a copy for you at an amount that is now below the wholesale price to bookstores. That being said, anyone who does not want to wait any longer can write to me at chandra@centuryguild.net for a full refund, and my sincere apology.

Your sustained excitement for and support of this project has brought into being something that would never have existed otherwise. There is no better example than this of the positive power of crowdfunding!

Starting next month we will begin posting pages from the book (for your private viewing) as a countdown to the release- and hopefully instigating some interesting conversations about the fascinating content.

Thank you for your patience, passion, and continued support!

Chandra, Century Guild

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