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Steve Diet Goedde

Steve Diet Goedde was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri and learned the basics of darkroom work and photography from his father, who was an amateur photographer. By the age of 13, Steve was obsessed with taking photographs and started educating himself about photographers that inspired him, most notably Richard Avedon, Lillian Bassman, and Diane Arbus.  He moved to Chicago in 1985 to attend the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where he studied filmmaking and painting; he refused to study photography stating that he had already acquired his aesthetic and visual style.

In 1998, photography publisher Edition Stemmle published a collection of Steve's Chicago work entitled The Beauty of Fetish detailing his fascination with such fetishistic fashion elements as latex, leather, and PVC. Later that same year, he moved to Los Angeles where he started a series of photographs which would later become The Beauty of Fetish: Volume II (2001), also from Edition Stemmle.  Slish Pix in 2005 released a career retrospective of his work on DVD entitled Living Through Steve Diet Goedde. In 2009, Steve has collaborated with French composer Robert Waechter on a CD entitled GoeddeConcerto (ReadyMade Music) in which the Concert Master of the Philharmonic of Nice, France interpreted 21 of Steve's photographs into 21 mini-concertos.

In a world where every camera phone makes any spectator an auteur, it is of particular note that Steve Diet Goedde's work is never photoshopped, never digitally manipulated- or even cropped.  Lighting, composition, and framing are all captured as the work of an accomplished observer and documentarian.  The quality and legend of his photographs reveal that these are not chance captures, but artworks resulting from the true mastery of his craft.
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