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Georges de Feure "OCTAVE UZANNE" Lithograph, c. 1897



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Octave Uzanne
Georges De Feure (1868-1943)
Edition of 1050 (Menus et Programmes)
(1897) 1898


Felicien Rops called his publisher Octave Uzanne "the Bibliophile's dream".  Founder of a number of bibliophile societies, in contrast to the more traditional interests of aficionados of his time he was dedicated to the creation of new, luxurious bibliophile works, collaborating closely with printers, binders, typographers and artists, especially the Symbolists and early Art Nouveau artists.  In 1894, the New York Times said Uzanne’s presentations “will be serviceable a century from now to students of our civilization."


Georges de Feure is the pinnacle of Art Nouveau artisans- his work in furniture, jewellery, porcelain, metal, and painting literally defined the medium in the salon L’Art Nouveau Bing which gave the movement its name.  In late 1896, Uzanne became de Feure’s publicist and used his international reputation as an important shaper of aesthetic sensibilities and champion of modern illustrated books to promote the artist’s direction into graphic and literary works.

Georges de Feure is represented in every important major museum collection in the world.

Lithograph in archival-quality rag mat
9 x 12.5 inches (approx. sheet size)
6.25 x 9.25 inches (approx. image area)
12 x 15 inches (mat)

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