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Will H. Bradley "The Echo" Lithograph, c. 1897



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The Echo (Yellow)
Will Bradley (1868-1962)
Les Affiches Illustrees Etrangeres
Edition of 25 on Imperial Japon
(America) France
(1895) 1897



One of the few American graphic designers to receive international acclaim in the late 1800s, Will Bradley took the stylized elements of Art Nouveau and imparted a sinuous Japonist quality that made his artwork a landmark of the Arts & Crafts movement. 

Bradley was credited with popularizing in America the two-dimensional form of design championed by Toulouse-Lautrec in Paris. A number of fonts were based on his designs, and Bradley holds the credit of being the highest paid graphic designer of his era. He was prolific until his death at 94, including careers as consultant for the American Type Founders, editor for Collier’s Weekly, and for William Randolph Heart’s film division as a set designer.

It is also of note that when Bing’s gallery Salon L’Art Nouveau opened in 1895 (from which Art Nouveau takes its name), Will Bradley’s posters were in the premiere exhibit and catalog.

Collections: Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY. 1984.1202.11 (Leonard A. Lauder), etc. (lg format)

Lithograph in archival-quality rag mat
8.5 x 12 inches (approx. sheet size)
5.5 x 8.5 inches (approx. image area)
12 x 15 inches (mat)

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