Caligula Update 10-17-2023

October 17, 2023

Dear lord, I wrote out a long update and then it got lost.

I'll dive right in: THANK YOU for your patience, if I'd been waiting this long I'd definitely be testing the boundaries of my patience. I just wanted everyone to know that I take the delays VERY seriously, and will make sure that the book exceeds your expectations and come up with some ways to ensure that you feel that it was worth it to have supported this so early in the process.

One nice bonus is that I can ask Malcolm about his experiences around some of the moments captured in the photos- something unimaginable only a few months ago!

Malcolm McDowell and Thomas Negovan at the Fantastic Fest 2023 screening of Caligula: The Ultimate Cut









I've been away from the computer as we've been taking the movie out to screenings: Cannes, Fantastic Fest in Austin, Beyond Fest in LA. We have one more industry screening this month, then I'm back at my desk. (It does look like the movie will play at the Ojai Film Festival in the middle of November, if that's anywhere close to you.)

No word on theatrical or streaming or physical media yet, except that I think Australia has the movie opening in theaters in November. In the next month I'll start getting more detailed information.

I have a TON of photos and videos from the screenings that I'll share; some on here, more on Patreon so I'm not cluttering this feed with non-book things. In the meantime, here's a video Kat took of her favorite line from the film:

Thank you SO much for being here. I don't have a delivery date for the book at this moment, but will know this for certain before the end of the year, getting this book to the printer is my top priority now that the movie is on its way out into the world.

I'll end with a nice interview bit Malcolm gave about seeing the movie on the big screen for the first time: