Century Guild Patronage Prints

The Century Guild Patronage Print collection features some of the best antique posters we've had the good fortune to document.

Our museum and archive is dedicated to the research and preservation of original turn-of-the-century artworks, and when you purchase prints from this collection you are directly supporting the research and preservation of these rare, obscure, arcane, forgotten, and important posters. What makes our prints special? You won't find high-contrast, heavily photoshopped images here. Century Guild Patronage Prints accurately represent the original turn-of-the-century artwork. Each Patronage Print is created from a high-resolution image file, captured by scanning the original poster in the archive. The superior image quality ensures that the subtle details and colors of the original artwork are preserved, so that the print you receive is a beautiful, miniature version of the original. Each Patronage Print is presented on 11" x 14" archival paper and blindstamped with the Century Guild emblem.