Bosch-Licht (Headlights) by Lucian Bernhard, Automobile design lithograph, c. 1913


Vibrant antique lithograph for Lucian Bernhard’s Bosch-Licht Sachplakat, or "object poster", advertising automobile headlights. This artwork was published in Berlin circa 1913 when lead was still used in lithographic ink, leading to incredibly bold color and density.

Lucian Bernhard was an award-winning graphic, interior, and typographic designer and was highly influential to the world of 20th century graphic and poster design. His presentation of stark, saturated color and simplified imagery were a sharp contrast from the highly embellished and naturalistic imagery of the Art Nouveau period he emerged from. His masterful simplification of poster art, which relied on a bold, flat image of a product along with its name, greatly contributed to the Sachplakat style which became popularized during the 20th century.

Paper measures 8 3/16 x 10 3/16 inches. Exceptional condition commensurate with age. Image pristine and will frame beautifully. This artwork is presented in archival rag mat and arrives accompanied by a certificate of authenticity;

Notable museum collections containing this work include: Museum of Modern Art, New York City (Large-format version)
Notable museum collections featuring works by Lucian Bernhard include: Museum of Modern Art, New York City; Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum, New York; Victoria and Albert Museum, London.