Tidal Beach Vase by Dümler & Breiden, Mid-Century Modernist c. 1960

This naturalistic ceramic vase by Dümler & Breiden features a scalloped mouth that evokes both clams and waves, along with undulating, sand-colored glaze elements with hints of ocean blue. Stamped in the base, and numbered. Form 052/22.

Dümler & Breiden was founded by Peter Dümler and Albert Breiden in 1883. During the mid-20th century, the company gained popularity for its vibrant and expressive pottery designs, incorporating modernist and abstract elements into their creations. Dümler & Breiden became known for its use of innovative glazing techniques and decorative elements, with lava glazes, drip glazes, and other textured finishes creating unique and visually striking surfaces. Many of their pieces featured intricate relief patterns, geometric designs, and natural motifs, reflecting the artistic influences of the era.