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Chamber of Mystery #1: Witchcraft [Softcover]


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Sadistic! Perverted! Shocking! Thirteen terrifying masterpieces of pre-code horror!

Chamber of Mystery #1: Witchcraft is a graphic novel reprinting the rare 1950s stories that led to censorship in comics - newly photographed and painstakingly re-colored!

Includes a new splash page introduction by Dan Brereton featuring Polychrome and Halloween Girl of the Nocturnals! Stories include The Death Tattoo, The Vampire Puppet, The Ghost on the Gallows, The Accursed, The Little Children, The Vengeance Vat, The Vampire Goes West, Ring of Horror, Nine Horrors, House to Let, The Devil's Stones, The Hungry Lodger, and Scream in the Night.

80 pp, softcover, published 2006