Michael Hussar: Figure Drawings 2009-2014 [Standard Edition Hardcover]


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      Michael HussarLife Drawings 2009-2014 - Standard Edition Hardcover

      Michael Hussar has reset the boundaries of expectation in the world of contemporary art. This book is the first academic volume exploring Hussar's art process, and focuses on his unique style of figure drawing. Includes 39 charcoal drawings painstakingly reproduced in maximum detail, and an exploration of the artist’s studio and life drawing process.

      Standard Edition: 12 inches x 9 inches hardcover on deluxe heavyweight paper, 90+ pages. Limited to 1000 copies.

      Limited Clamshell Edition: Alternate cover, placed in a special clamshell presentation box. Signed, original hand-drawing and painting by Michael Hussar on the custom bookplate. Clamshell edition with hand-drawn bookplates limited to only 31 copies. See the available bookplates here: https://centuryguild.net/collections/books/products/michael-hussar-figure-drawings-2009-2014-limited-clamshell-edition-hardcover

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