Absinthe Robette [1896] Limited Edition Museum Print (19.5 x 26.5)


Absinthe Robette (1896) Limited Edition Museum Print

A limited edition fine art print created directly from the rare original 1896 poster by Henri Privat-Livemont.

About the edition print:

La Fée Verte. The Green Fairy. A vibrant green spirit that became a cultural phenomenon during the late 19th century, today absinthe is synonymous with the romantic aesthetic and ideals of the Belle Époque. 

One of the most recognizable and iconic posters of all time, Absinthe Robette by Henri Privat-Livemont perfectly captures the spirit of Art Nouveau with an ethereal goddess on a field of green, supervising the pour of absinthe into her uplifted glass.

To create the Absinthe Robette edition print, we'll use a high-resolution image file captured directly from the original 1896 poster in the museum archive. The superior image quality ensures that the subtle details and colors of the original artwork are preserved, so that the print you receive is both beautiful and faithful to the original artwork.

ABSINTHE ROBETTE Museum Edition Print

  • large 26.5 in. x 19.5 in. size
  • ultra-high resolution, created directly from the original 1896 artwork in the Century Guild Museum of Art archive
  • high quality offset printing
  • coated matte finish on heavyweight paper
  • blind stamped with Century Guild emblem
  • limited edition of 100