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DIG [1909] Limited Edition Museum Print (20 x 29)


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DIG (1909) Limited Edition Museum Print and Perfume

About the edition print:

'Dig' by Sadie Wendell Mitchell, c. 1909. Part of the artist's 'Girls will be Girls' series promoting education for young women.

  • large 20" x 29" size
  • coated matte finish on heavyweight paper
  • limited edition of 100
  • blind stamped with Century Guild emblem
  • ultra-high resolution captured directly from the original 1909 artwork in the Century Guild Museum of Art archive
  • high quality offset printing


About the perfume:

The extraordinary perfumers at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab have created a limited edition perfume inspired by this poster, and one bottle is included with the purchase of this print.

DIG perfume by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Apple peel, black tea, polished oak, a billow of white linen, and a teetering pile of leatherbound books.