Friends of the Devil in the Flesh [1893] Limited Edition Museum Print (18.5 x 27)


Friends of the Devil in the Flesh (1893) Limited Edition Museum Print and Perfume Set

A limited edition fine art print created directly from the rare original 1893 artwork by Georges de Feure, paired with one bottle of Friends of the Devil in the Flesh perfume oil by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab.

About the edition print:

In the late 19th century there was a convergence of creative minds drawn from all parts of society, synchronous with a resurgence of interest in mysticism and the occult. Many of these artists gravitated towards the alluring nightlife offered by the cabaret, and much like Le Chat Noir cabaret in Paris had a relationship with artist Théophile Steinlen, the cabaret Le Diable au Corps in Brussels had Georges de Feure

The quintessential Art Nouveau artist, Georges de Feure was a master of design and an early proponent of the style; his designs for jewelry, porcelain, tapestries, and interiors literally defined the boundaries of the genre. A landmark of mystical-themed Art Nouveau style steeped in Japanese influence and occult symbolism, this extremely rare artwork was produced in a very small quantity of extraordinary lithographs to be given as gifts for an elite circle of patrons of the cabaret and magazine.

To create this edition of 100 museum prints we used a high-resolution image file captured directly from the original 1893 artwork in our museum archive. The superior image quality ensures that the subtle details and colors of the original artwork are preserved, so that the print you receive is both beautiful and faithful to the original artwork.

Friends of the Devil in the Flesh Century Guild Museum Edition Print 
  • large 27" x 18.5" size
  • ultra-high resolution, created directly from the original 1893 artwork in the Century Guild Museum of Art archive
  • high quality offset printing
  • coated matte finish on heavyweight paper
  • blind stamped with Century Guild emblem
  • limited edition of 100

About the perfume:

The extraordinary perfumers at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab have created a limited edition perfume inspired by this poster, and one bottle is included with the purchase of this print.

Friends of the Devil in the FleshSkin musk and white tea shadowed by smoked lilac, white tobacco petals, vanilla husk, elemi, and incense dust.

Each bottle is full size (5 mL) and presented in an amber glass apothecary vial. Limited edition of 100.