Owl, Skull, and Book Vanitas Illustration [1899] Limited Edition Museum Print (18 x 28.5)


Owl, Skull, and Book vanitas illustration by Bertold Löffler (1899) Limited Edition Museum Print

  • large 18" x 28.5" size
  • coated matte finish on heavyweight paper
  • limited edition of 100blind stamped with Century Guild emblem
  • ultra-high resolution captured directly from the original 1899 artwork in the Century Guild Museum of Art archive
  • high quality offset printing


About the edition print: 

This Owl, Skull, and Book vanitas is an 1899 illustration by Bertold Löffler, a student of Carl Otto Czeschka and one of the most important artists in the futuristic Modern Art movement the Vienna Secession.

Concurrent with the Art Nouveau movement was a resurgence of interest in mysticism and spirituality; Freemasonry, witchcraft, and theosophical studies being at the forefront. Through this heightened awareness of the relationship between Humans and Nature, a sensitivity to the greater universe and reflection on our place in it was inevitable. Löffler was among the crop of young artists whose study had been rooted in Classicism, but whose subsequent public work was the peaking crest of the wave of Modernism. With this 1899 illustration, Löffler presents the symbolic coding of 17th century mysticism in the updated, avant-garde line style of Art Nouveau.