Gail Potocki: FREAKS [Hardcover]


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      The Gail Potocki: FREAKS book is a handmade, limited edition letterpress hardcover which contains all 12 paintings in the artist's deeply personal Freaks series alongside historical details about each of the models, and insights into the symbolism of the artworks. 

      • Daisy & Violet Hilton (Conjoined Twins)
      • Jenny Lee Snow (Pip the Pinhead)
      • Elvira Snow (Flip the Pinhead)
      • Annie Jones (The Bearded Lady)
      • Fedor Jeftichew (Jo Jo the Dog-Faced Boy)
      • Aloisia Wagner (Violetta the Human Torso)
      • Minnie Woolsey (Koo-Koo the Bird Lady)
      • Etta Lake (The Elastic-Skinned Woman)
      • Millie La Mar (The Albino Mind Reader)
      • J. Unzie (The Albino Gentleman)
      • Sadie WIlliam (The Leopard Girl)
      • Joseph Merrick (The Elephant Man)

      Each copy is a hand bound masterpiece with numerous impeccable details; foil stamping, die-cut paintings, tipped in sheets - all presented in the manner of a 19th century book.

      Measures 7.5" x 8", approx. 30 heavyweight vintage cream pages and tipped-in cardstock sheets.

      Signed and numbered, edition of 333.

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