Astronomy, Plate 120 from Gerlach's Allegorien, Vienna Secession lithograph, 1897

Allegorien-Neue Folge was a serialized publication of artworks by a group of Viennese artists and students beginning in 1897. Martin Gerlach, its publisher, was inspired by the new rise of modernist design in Vienna and selected those who were demonstrating a new command of the style to contribute works to the series, including Gustav Klimt, Koloman Moser, Carl Otto Czeschka, and Hanus Schwaiger. Each plate explores a different theme or collection of topics, such as dance, astronomy, electricity, and graphic arts, which brought a new aesthetic of design to the traditional allegory genre.

Stone lithograph of Hanus Schwaiger’s Astronomie, published as Plate 102 in Gerlach’s Allegorien by Gerlach & Schenk, Vienna. Paper measures 17 1/4 x 13 3/4 inches. This artwork arrives accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Museum collections: Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna (BI 11751-108)