Century Guild Creative

Century Guild Creative is dedicated to producing and presenting contemporary work in the mediums of publishing, film, and art that have origins in Symbolist and Metaphysical aesthetics.  

The projects of Century Guild Creative are online at thomasnegovan.com.

Current projects include

Aurora (short film, 2018) 

"Haunting, eerie and stylish, Aurora's hallucinatory collision of time travel, Nazi apocrypha, creatures from Beyond, and the Old West obliterates the walls between genres to create something strange and new. Thomas Negovan and his collaborators bring a fresh and sophisticated sensibility to the American Weird tradition." -Grant Morrison

"Thomas Negovan's Aurora is an unusual, bizarre movie; a mysterious film grimoire from a very special being." -Genesis P-Orridge

"Eerily fascinating and genuinely gorgeous." -Gerard Way

"Aurora features great art direction and a unique vision–it's as if David Lynch had directed an episode of the Twilight Zone." -Richard Metzger (Dangerous Minds)

Movie poster (above) by Dave McKean