Alraune (11x14 Patronage Print #3)


Alraune - 1918

The original Bad Seed!

Alraune (German for Mandrake) is a novel by German occult novelist Hanns Heinz Ewers published in 1911; it is also the name of the female lead character.  This poster is for the Austrian release of the 1918 German silent film.
A contemporary take on the alchemy of the mystical mandrake root.  A scientist, Professor Jakob ten Brinken, interested in the laws of heredity, impregnates a prostitute in a laboratory with the semen of a hanged murderer.  The prostitute conceives a female child who has no concept of love, whom the professor adopts.  The girl, Alraune, suffers from obsessive sexuality and perverse relationships throughout her life.  She learns of her unnatural origins and she avenges herself against the professor.


This print was created by photographing the original antique poster in the Century Guild museum archive. 

Why does that make our prints special? Century Guild Patronage Prints accurately represent the original turn-of-the-century artwork. Each print is created from a high-resolution image file that we obtained by scanning the original poster in the archiveIt means that the color, lines, subtle shading, and other minute details - including any "flaws" in the original artwork - are perfectly captured and left intact. You won't find high-contrast, heavily photoshopped images here. The Century Guild standard demands superior image quality to ensure that the print you receive is a beautiful, miniature version of the original.

Our Patronage Prints feature some of the best posters we've ever had the good fortune to document, and when you purchase these prints you are directly supporting our research and preservation of rare, obscure, arcane, forgotten, and important artworks.

Each print is presented on 11" x 14" archival paper and blindstamped with the Century Guild emblem.