Aurora Motion Picture Soundtrack LP Vinyl Record [Radioactive Variant]


The AURORA movie soundtrack features nine songs with orchestrations and archaic instruments by Troy Sterling Nies, with producer Joe Cassidy, drummer Brian Viglione, cellist Andrew Dalziell, and thereminist Armen Ra, and one magnificent and strange track with Genesis P-Orridge: "Last Testament of the Creature".

The Radioactive variant is a limited edition of 23.

The movie AURORA blends the experience of old television shows like The Twilight Zone and the Universal Monsters films with the gorgeous art direction of film noir and German Expressionism. AURORA tells the "true story" of what happened in 1897 at the first documented UFO crash in American history... featuring a Nazi time-traveler in the Old West, and an 1897 encounter with a terrible beast from another world: voiced in the film by legendary musician and artist Genesis P-Orridge. 

Genesis spoke fragments of violent poetry and venomous sorrow which were transferred to tape and then chopped and reassembled using the magickal cut-up technique of sound performer Brion Gysin and postmodern author William Burroughs.

The film's soundtrack was elegantly crafted by Troy Sterling Nies (whose work for the H. P. Lovecraft Society is equal parts terrifying and heartbreakingly beautiful) and featured contributions from Joe Cassidy (of the Belfast-founded band Butterfly Child and Shepard Fairey's L.A. art project NØISE), drummer and percussionist Brian Viglione (Dresden Dolls, Nine Inch Nails, Scarlet Sails), and the dynamic sonics of master thereminist Armen Ra.

The cover photo of the Creature is a tintype taken on the film set by Anton Orlov using a 19th century camera and an arsenal of dangerous chemicals, faithfully recreated for the album cover using a four-color process.  In keeping with the late 19th century-meets-the-1950s aesthetic of the film, the photos will be hand-pasted onto the record jacket and the back cover will be hand-silkscreened.