Jeremy Bastian's The Dally Bear, ink on paper, 2010


Jeremy Bastian’s “The Dally Bear”, ink on paper applied with a brush, 2010. This artwork is presented professionally framed using all archival materials.

Jeremy Bastian’s art is the very definition of a labor of love. From the intense scrutiny in his ornate linework to the whimsy and adventure injected into the subject itself, Bastian’s masterful brushwork and composition are stories unto themselves.

Bastian is the artist and author behind Cursed Pirate Girl, “a whimsical, swashbuckling tale of wonderland journeys and unimaginable dangers, starting in Port Elisabeth, Jamaica in the year 1728, and quickly heading across - and beneath - the waves!”

Praise for Bastian’s Cursed Pirate Girl:
“It’s all too rare that I see work that is truly original- and I almost never see work THIS original- Jeremy Bastian is a genius.” -Mike Mignola, Eisner Award winning creator of Hellboy

"A throwback to classic storytelling that any age can enjoy." -David Petersen, Eisner Award winning creator of Mouse Guard

"Clearly he’s kidnapped his own inner child, plied her with enough Victorian sweets to keep her up for days, and then chained her to a drawing board in a tiny room..." -Jackson Publick, creator of the hit [adult swim] cartoon series The Venture Brothers

I LOVE Cursed Pirate Girl- it is a bright light in a vast sea of sameness!" -Charles Vess, World Fantasy Award winning artist of The Sandman and Stardust

"Authentic and timeless and wonderfully bizarre- this looks like something from 1892 but is totally ahead of its time- I wish I’d though tof it!” -Gerard Way, Eisner Award winning creator of The Umbrella Academy and lead singer of rock band My Chemical Romance

"Combines the endearing qualities of classic children's books with a modern-day sensibility. The results are whimsically naive and genuinely hip!” -Gary Gianni, Eisner Award winner and artist of the legendary newspaper strip Prince Valiant

"Cursed Pirate Girl is our generation's Alice in Wonderland.” -Gail Potocki, award-winning Symbolist painter; The Union of Hope and Sadness