Berlin Girls: Illustrations from the Weimar Republic 1923 [Hardcover]


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      Flirty, cheeky, and whimsical Art Deco illustrations from Germany during the era of the Weimar Republic! Over sixty rare illustrations from the Century Guild museum archive are collected in Berlin Girls, the fifth book in Century Guild's ongoing 'Rare Artworks' series!

      Berlin Girls documents the era of illustration immediately following the First World War, when popular German magazines and newspapers presented a light and fun glimpse of the glamorous high life and cabaret culture in the Weimar Republic.

      BERLIN GIRLS: Illustrations from the Weimar Republic 1923

      • Limited edition hardcover book
      • Cover features foil stamping and spot varnish
      • 80 pp, full color throughout
      • All high-resolution, original source color corrected images
      • Over 60 full-page images


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