Please, Not Now! Brigitte Bardot drive-in film poster, 1961


Original 1961 poster for Roger Vadim's Please, Not Now! starring Brigitte Bardot. A masterful statement of modernist film poster design, this oversized drive-in poster was acquired directly from the National Screen Service Archives and serves as an exceptional artifact of 1960s pop culture.

For decades, the National Screen Service printed all the movie posters that movie theaters rented for screenings. At the bottom of every poster was a note that said "Property of National Screen Service Corp." or "N.S.S." and the posters were supposed to be returned following the movie run. While many posters were destroyed by the elements and others were pulled off the wall by collectors, a great many returned to their home and piled up for many many years.

40" x 60" posters are the rarest size of movie poster advertising. The cost to acquire one for a theater was as much as 20 times the amount as a standard 27" x 41" movie poster. These posters are printed in infinitely higher resolution than standard one-sheet movie posters- by any measure, these are the ultimate vintage high quality, fine art print versions of any movie advertisement.

This artwork arrives accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.