Brutalist Moonvase Ruscha Art Vase, Fat Lava, Mid-Century Modernist c. 1960

This Brutalist ceramic vase from Ruscha Keramik was charismatically called a Moonvase due to its circular shape, mottled texture, and deep purple, gray, and black glazing. Numbered in the base; the Ruscha Art sticker is original. Form A-1.

Ruscha Keramik was founded by Rudolf Schardt in West Germany in 1948. Ruscha collaborated with renowned designers such as Kurt Tschoerner, Hanns Welling, and Otto Gerharz, and its productions often featured abstract patterns, organic shapes, and motifs inspired by nature. The studio experimented with volcanic glazes, metallic finishes, and textured surfaces, which added a unique and contemporary element to their ceramic designs.