Cone Vase by U-Keramik (Uebelacker), Fat Lava, Mid-Century Modernist c. 1950s

A minimalist ceramic cone vase by Ü-Keramik (Uebelacker) with rugged vertical striations against a pink and white mottled glaze. Numbered in the base. Form 455/25.

Ü Keramik, or Üebelacker Keramik, was founded in 1909 in West Germany by Johann Üebelacker. Ü-Keramik was known for its distinctive designs, vibrant colors, and quality craftsmanship, producing a wide range of ceramic items, including vases, bowls, planters, decorative objects, and tableware. The company's creations often featured bold and abstract patterns, organic shapes, and textured surfaces. Notably, Heinz Hommerich as arts director developed a fire red glaze in 1954; it would become one of the first mass produced glazes in Germany.