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David Mack MUSE Life Drawings 2012-2014 Vol. I [Hardcover]



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David Mack: MUSE Life Drawings 2012-2014Volume I
Boutique hardcover book measures 11 inches x 14 inches
Edition of 1000: $85.00

Edition of 100: $300.00 [Signed and numbered special handmade letterpress bookplate featuring a small ink remarque by David Mack]

About this volume

David Mack uses a sumi-e brush to create his work, on a variety of papers. For this volume, we chose to recreate the experience of being handed one of David's original sketchbooks. Our intention is to share the rare and exceptional feeling of turning one page after the other and finding yourself moving through moments of David's life through his visual journaling. To create this experience we have worked with Jim Kay at Transmission Atelier to utilize sophisticated printing techniques that allow us to transcend the traditional dot printing process and make this book an art experience unto itself. We are thrilled to offer this unique presentation of the intimate artwork of David Mack.

About artist David Mack

Twenty years ago, David Mack created the character Kabuki and changed the world of storytelling in comic books. Today Kabuki is a New York TImes Best Seller available internationally and has been translated into seven different languages. There have been nearly two million copies of Kabuki comics and graphic novels in print in the U.S. alone. David Mack also is one of the only comic creators to be listed in both the Top Ten Writers List and the Top Ten Artists List in Wizard Magazine, and in 2013 his book (co-written by Brian Michael Bendis) Daredevil: End of Days debuted at #1 on the New York Times Best Sellers List. Mack's sequential artwork has been the subject of undergraduate and graduate university courses in Art and Literature, and hung in the Los Angeles Museum of Art. He's lectured at universities and taught classes in writing, drawing, and painting all over the world, including a Masterclass at the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia, Japan's School of Communication Arts of Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka, and an invitation to speak at Harvard as the Guest of Honor at their annual Science Fiction Writing convention. Mack has spoken in Barcelona at the OFFFest presentation of trailblazing artists and designers, and in Cincinnati as part of the prestigious TEDx series of educational seminars. Mack has toured and exhibited his work throughout Europe, Asia, and America with numerous gallery shows, and with book signing tours at premier bookstores in over a dozen counties.  The life drawings of David Mack are available from Century Guild gallery in Los Angeles. For more information on acquiring an original artwork created by David Mack please visit his collection page on        

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