Gail Potocki "Through the Never" Blotter Art Print


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      Gail Potocki


      Numbered edition of 100

      Measures 7.5 x 7.5 inches

      Signed by painter Gail Potocki and printer Zane Kesey

      This limited edition art print features a detail from Gail Potocki's psychedelic exploration into the abyss "Through the Never". The painting was created for the OBEY YOUR MASTER Metallica tribute exhibition from Exhibit A in Los Angeles and takes inspiration from the song of the same name. (Attached is an image of Gail at the show's opening, with guitarists Kirk Hammett and James Hetfield.) The print itself comes printed on perforated LSD acid blotter paper (unfortunately, these prints have not been dipped.) 

      Kirk Hammett on Gail's piece: "The 'Through The Never' piece? Totally, completely, just mind-blowing!"
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