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SOLD OUT! Grand Guignol

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Grand Guignol
Discharge printed on 100% cotton
Limited edition of 100
July 2011
Extremely limited edition Grand Guignol shirt for Thomas Negovan based on original artwork by Italian silkscreen masters Malleus Rock Art Lab. The shirt is slim cut and has a flattering deep v-neck, plus a super soft, vintage t-shirt feel.
From the catalog for the very first Century Guild exhibition "Grand Guignol" (available for purchase HERE:)

"Malleus, the three-headed poster collective from Italy, are masters of the silkscreen. Calling their style “Dark Nouveau”, they sorcerously blend contemporary elements with primordial symbolism to epic effect.  With hopes of striking a similar balance in our own Grand Guignol exhibition, there was no one better suited to create its event poster.

Oscar Méténier would most heartily approve."


Model: Ulorin Vex
Photography: Allan Amato

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