Shoulder Vase by Carstens-Tönnieshof Atelier Series, Modernist c. 1960

A large ceramic shoulder vase by Carstens-Tönnieshof from its high-end Atelier Series helmed by designer Gerda Heuckeroth. This form is accented by textured glazes in hues of green, gray, beige, and deep brown. Stamped with Carstens mark in the base, and numbered. Form 0870-30.

Initially founded in 1892 in Brandenburg, East Germany, the ceramics business of Ernst Carstens was close to collapse by the end of World War II, and then found itself on the wrong side of the newly formed border in 1945. Carstens relocated to West Germany and began manufacturing anew in 1947, producing a tremendous variety of shapes, sizes, and glazes with a roster of artists that included Trude Carstens (Ernst's wife), Gerda Heuckeroth, Helmut Scholtis, Heinz Siery, Rudolph Christmann, and Dieter Peter.