Steve Diet Goedde 25-Year Retrospective: ARRANGEMENTS Vol III [Hardcover]


Renowned photographer Steve Diet Goedde celebrates 25 years of his iconic erotic and fetish imagery with this deluxe retrospective book.

Standard Edition: Approx. 120 pages, limited edition of 1000.

Clamshell Limited Edition: Signed and numbered by the photographer in a deluxe limited edition of 50 (#26-75) with cloth cover and inset photo, presented in a deluxe clamshell box. A fine edition collector's volume.

"This year of 2015 is a major milestone in my life. It is the year that I turn 50. And if that isn’t enough to celebrate, it also marks my 25th year of photography. I have now spent exactly half my life devoted to my artistic passion." -Steve Diet Goedde