Thomas Negovan - The Divine Eye Wax Cylinder Single


Wax Cylinder Single

The first release of its kind since 1924!

The first single from singer/composer Thomas Negovan's new album BY POPULAR DEMAND, "The Divine Eye" is utterly unique: recorded AND released on WAX CYLINDER (bypassing all manners of modern electrical and digital technologies.) The single, as well as the album, were recorded with the help of wax cylinder maker and Thomas Edison archivist Shawn Borri using an original 1910 Thomas Edison Phonograph Recorder.
The cylinder is housed in a faux leather tube that features artwork by colloidal photographer Greg Martin (using an 1850s camera.) The cylinder itself is black with the single's information embossed in the rim.
NOTE: When handling these cylinders, be sure to refrain from touching the surface as the oil from your hands can affect the audio quality.