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Transcendent Luxury: German Art Deco Poster Masterpieces 1912-1927 [Softcover]



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During and immediately following The First World War, advertisers in Germany presented romantic elegance in a manner that bridged the sinuous lines of Art Nouveau and the hard lines of the Art Deco period to achieve a unique style that would inform the rest of the century as a pinnacle of graphic design.  This book presents a collection of gorgeous, beautiful, high resolution photographs of posters from the Century Guild Museum of Art that gives insight to the opulent aesthetics of the era. 

For the last 15 years, visitors to our booth at San Diego Comic Con always asked us if we'd publish a book with some of the rare posters that we had on display; so many weren't available anywhere on the internet, and they are a valuable resource for both artists and art lovers. We have selected 70 of our finest and rarest elegant and romantic German posters from between 1914 and 1927 to make a beautiful and inexpensive softcover book. There is brief text throughout in the manner of a museum or gallery tour, giving a gentle overview of the subject matter.

5.5" x 8.5" softcover, 92pp full color throughout

Transcendent Luxury: German Art Deco Poster Masterpieces 1912-1927 is the first volume in our ongoing poster art series. Beautiful Macabre: Rare and Peculiar Posters 1862-1971 and Flowering Lines: Rare Art Nouveau Graphics 1883-1911 are available here:

Some of the images in this volume are available as medium-resolution prints here:

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