The Union of Hope and Sadness: The Art of Gail Potocki [Hardcover]


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      The Union of Hope and Sadness: The Art of Gail Potocki
      October 2006, 1st edition
      208 pp, full color. Hardcover

      "Brilliant occult portraits from the Symbolist underworld of the 21st Century. More than just paintings, Gail Potocki conducts seances on canvas..." --Grant Morrison, visionary author, psychic revolutionary, and one of Entertainment Weekly's Top 100 Creative People in America

      The Union of Hope & Sadness: The Art of Gail Potocki is a lavish hardcover full of emotionally charged portraits depicting the internationally exhibited artist's subconscious explorations and environmental concerns as physical characters. Full color throughout, with an in-depth exploration of the artwork by Symbolist art historian Thomas Negovan. Also includes essays from Richard Metzger, the host of BBC's Disinformation: the Series, neuroscientist Marina Korsakova-Kreyn, and an introduction by Jim Rose of the Jim Rose Circus Sideshow.


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