Animalia: An Art Nouveau Bestiary 1895-1899

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From 1895-1899, Professor Anton Seder painstakingly labored to create a series of groundbreaking artworks depicting all manner of creatures magical and mundane. 

Psychedelic starfish and omniscient owls, intermingled with sinuous dragonsand bizarre imaginary sea creatures... Professor Anton Seder was an educator and Director of the Kunstgewerbeschule (Arts and Crafts School) in Strasbourg, France from 1889 to 1915. During his tenure, he created a series of artworks exploring creatures from the realm of imagination, and creatures from our own world, all viewed through a unique and fantastic lens wherein the details of historical classical illustration converged beautifully with the aesthetics of Art Nouveau. 

Over the last century, Professor Seder's mindblowing endeavors in imaginative illustration have become legendary among artists, and celebrated as some of the greatest artworks of any era by aficionados of Art Nouveau rarities. After more than a century, his body of work exploring "The Animal in Decorative Art" is finally being collected in a magnificent format, featuring high-quality photographs and scans taken from the large collection of artworks by Anton Seder held by the Century Guild Museum of Art.

Professor Anton Seder's ANIMALIA: An Art Nouveau Bestiary [Hardcover]

  • Large 10" x 13" size
  • Faux leather hardcover for a textural "grimoire" feel
  • Foil stamping on cover
  • Resilient smyth-sewn binding 
  • Printed on heavy art paper
  • Over 100 pages, featuring the complete plates as well as numerous details and historically relevant extras
  • A discussion on Professor Anton Seder and his work by Thomas Negovan

Professor Anton Seder's ANIMALIA: An Art Nouveau Bestiary features full-page presentations of the complete artworks, as well as numerous details, allowing you to immerse yourself in Anton Seder's beautiful and strange visions of creatures both real and imagined.

All the images in this book are taken directly from original artworks in our museum archive and are printed at the absolute highest resolution possible. We take extensive care in our image processing and color correction to ensure that the artworks are presented with accuracy and detail.

ANIMALIA: An Art Nouveau Bestiary 1895-1899 presents ultra high-resolution content in a decadent, full-size 10" x 13" hardcover. Over 100 pages featuring the complete plates of Anton Seder's 'Das Thier', as well as numerous details and historically relevant extras from the Century Guild museum archive, presented in full-page, full color images with an introduction to Professor Anton Seder and his work from historian and museum director Thomas Negovan.