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Gail Potocki “Violet and Daisy Hilton” by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab


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DAISY HILTON: White tobacco, rosehips, and white oudh.

VIOLET HILTON: Orange blossom, white musk, pink peppercorns, and coconut.

Limited edition of 30 conjoined presentations [two 5mL bottles, attached, with wand caps]

Gail Potocki's FREAKS paintings honor the human being behind each sideshow performer by presenting them in a stylized royal portrait. Our beloved friends at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab celebrated this vision by presenting three of Gail's paintings as special extremely limited edition scents.

On  August 1st LACMA (the prestigious L.A. County Museum of Art) proudly opens its doors to reveal the private art collection of Guillermo del Toro. Among the works displayed in the "Guillermo del Toro: At Home with Monsters" exhibition are two of his Gail Potocki paintings, the mesmerizing FREAKS Fedor Jeftichew and Jenny Lee Snow. Exhibition runs August 1, 2016–November 27, 2016

Gail Potocki will be signing with Grant Morrison Friday, July 22nd at the Heavy Metal booth at San Diego Comic Con, and will be attending the LACMA opening July 30th with Guillermo del Toro. 

The BPAL Freaks oils will present the two paintings in Guillermo's collection:  Fedor Jeftichew (Jo-Jo the Dog-Faced Boy), Jenny Lee Snow (Pip the Pinhead), and a special "conjoined twin" bottle honoring Daisy and Violet Hilton.

The oils have been produced in a one-time only, limited edition of 50 bottles each of Jojo and Pip (each 5ml, $45) and 30 conjoined Hilton Sisters presentations (two 5ml bottles, attached, with wand caps, $89).