Secessionist Vase with Raindrops by Paul Dachsel c. 1900

A low naturalistic vase in a rare carmine color of red with purple overtones, featuring an opalescent raindrop ornamentation. Whereas earlier Art Nouveau pottery focused on asymmetrical design to represent the wild and unpredictable aspects of nature, forward-thinking artists such as Paul Dachsel and those of the Vienna Secession also explored the geometric elements of nature. Stamped Paul Dachsel in the base, and numbered. Published: Scott, "Ceramics from the House of Amphora 1890 - 1915", 2004, p. 258.

After years spent designing for the Amphora and Ernst-Wahliss pottery companies, Paul Dachsel founded his own studio in 1905, Kunsteramik Paul Dachsel. Embracing the ethos of the Arts and Crafts movement, Dachsel fostered a deep appreciation for the inherent beauty of natural materials and the artisanal process, his distinctive creations embodying a harmonious synthesis of organic forms, with intricate surface embellishments, and a meticulous attention to detail.